We now extend our services to cold wave perm which can be done on men’s to create the korean wave hairstyle (photos below) as well as “grandma’s perm”

The process after consultation:

Before the perm, hair has to be cleanse with shampoo, we would then apply a pre warp lotion on damp hair and after which we start to curl the rods onto hair.

Once all rods are in place, we would proceed to apply the perming lotion, process for 20 minutes, rinse off the lotion while the rods are still in place, finally we would apply neutralizer and process for 10 minutes then take off the perming rods, rinse the neutralizer off and finally blow dry hair.

How to maintain permed hair for long and short hair

It is advisable to use shampoo and conditioner for permed hair as the ingredients are created not only to maintain the curls but also the content of it most of the time are milder.

How to style permed hair for long hair

After shampooing hair, apply pre styler on damp hair from mid length to ends. The product that we would recommend is “Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer.” After which, divide into 4-6 sections depending on the density of your hair and use a hairdryer with diffuser and medium heat allow your hair to set on the diffuser to create the natural curled results.

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