Hair System Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hair System?

The ‘system’ was a process of several steps incorporating: scalp preparation, hair system fitting, styling and maintaining. It was a system of maintaining the appearance of a head of hair. And the term has remained in the lexicon of hair loss solutions ever since.

Hair Systems Durability

When dealing with a quality hairpiece, you should get between 6 to 10 months of use before having to replace it. If you don’t take care of it properly or use it too roughly then you might only get 3 months

Can you swim with a hair system?

Yes, yes you can! You can swim, run, ski, sky-dive and bungee jump. There are no limitations with wearing a hair system: Hair Replacement Systems & Sport.

How much does a good hair piece cost?

The answer is the cost of toupees may range from $100 to $2,000. Amazing, right? Let’s set as an example. There are almost 10 kinds of hairpiece to be choosen, which has Remy hair – $100; ROBO hair – $200; human grey hair – $75; long hair– $25 per inch; and rush service – $95.

How does a hair system look when it arrives?

Most of the hair system it comes in 6 inches long and you could head to your usual stylist in a salon that you have been with since forever or you could contact us to arrange a stylist to your home for utmost privacy and have it cut in the comfort of your home.

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