HELP! My Child Wouldn’t Stop Crying At The Salon

There are a few factors on why kids will tend to cry when visiting to a salon or a barber shop. It could be due to the unfamiliar environment, the amount of people in an enclosed space and of course the loud tools hairstylist uses such as hairdryer and hair clipper, here are a few tips you could use during the next visit to your hairdresser

  1. If your child is having his/her first haircut, refrain from getting your child onto the chair too quickly, kids do not understand why you are bringing him/her to this location, before bringing your child onto the hairdresser’s chair, take a couple of minutes to prep them and also explain the purpose of the visit.
  2. Prepare his/her favorite clips/videos on your device that would have your child pay attention to, kid’s attention tend shift very quickly and they should be quickly engrossed into it having said that, your hairdresser got to be quick too!
  3. This tip is for baby boys or short haircuts; Bring baby powder and before the stylist or barber starts cutting, apply baby powder on the neck and body as kids their skin tend to be more sensitive than adults, they would immediately feel the discomfort when a cluster of hair falls onto them.